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I have a problem with a story or an interactive

The quickest method to resolving a problem is to email me at, or message me on twitter @SGAAudio, or on our discord and I will attempt to resolve any problems you may have had.

You may have to provide proof of your purchase, such as a screenshot of the recipt email you recieved, or provide the email you used to purchase and we can check our records to validate your purchase before any product-spesific details may be given.

What sort of audiobooks do you make?

We make NSFW Giantess, Muscle Growth, Weight Gain and Expansion audiostories, with other themes sometimes sprinkled within these.

Where can I get audiobook updates/news?

You can sign up to our mailing list at or follow us on twitter @SGAAudio

You can also join our discord for release announcements, as well as a special 'backstage' channel where we release story titles, plots and covers early!

What are 'Interactive Audiobooks'?

Interactive Audiobooks are a cross between audiobooks and video games. Some may embody a nifty feature, whereas others may include choices and different endings to discover like a 'choose your own adventure' style story. 

Because of the nature of these, they are coded software instead of raw audio files and are only compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux. 

They also do not generally include scripts as branching pathways make these very confusing to follow. 

But, if you want something with a little more interactivity, interactive stories are great fun!

You can find all of them here!

Can I request/commission an audiobook from you?

We (SGA Audio) do not accept audiobook requests/commissions. If you have ideas for an audiobook, there is a designated channel on our discord, or feel free to message us! Or, if you wish to commission a specific member of our team, you are free to reach out to them and discuss. Most of our voice actresses are open to commissions, but you should discuss details with them.

Do you have a release schedule?

No, audiobooks are released when they are done being produced. We have a relatively small team, and we produce audiobooks at a pace convenient for us.

If you want to know when new audiobooks come out, you can join our mailing list here!

Why can I only sometimes pay by Paypal?

Due to a change in Paypal's Terms, Gumroad can now only accept payment via paypal only if the VA links a paypal account. Unfortunatly, because of the nature of the stories we write, accepting payments via paypal carries a large risk of the VA's paypal's being shut down, so many don't link these accounts together. 

There are services such as, which allow users to create virtual cards, which may allow gumroad purchases that don't accept paypal without submitting your personal credit or debit cards.

Appolagies for any inconvenience caused.

Are any of your stories free?

We have a free collection of our early works that are free to listen too. There are also a selection of free scripts that have been uploaded to deviantart. Otherwise, each released audiostory contains a free audio sample, so you can judge if you would like to buy it before you do.

Do all your products have scripts?

Every single one of our audiostories (with the exeption of interactives) have a script, either free to read or included with the product.

If the product specifies that it includes a full script, then you can download the script with the mp3 file after purchasing the story.

If the product has a link with "Read the story here", then you can read the story for free on our deviantart with no purchase requred.

What's the difference between a 'Series' and a 'Collection'?

A Collection are audiobooks grouped together around a common theme, like a reoccuring character, creature type or plot device. Because of this, they can usually be listened to in any order.

A Series is a sequence of stories which lead on from eachother and should be listened to in the order they are listed. While individual stories within a series will usually make some sense without listening to prior entries, it is reccomended that you listen to them in the order they are listed.

Why are some stories charged in USD while others are charged in GBP

We currently work with people within the US and the UK, and depending on the location of the gumroad store, the currency is locked to the locality of it's owner. This is unfortunatly something we cannot change.

Why are your stories sold via gumroad stores?

Our stories are posted on a gumroad store belonging to the voice actress who narrates the story. This is done because gumroad is a pre-existing and trusted online retail service, and to show your purchases do indeed go to support the voice actresses in question.

What do Gumroad payments look like in my bank statement / Paypal list?

If you pay via paypal (only available with some VA stores) it will say "Gumroad Inc" and then the payment amount. 

If you pay directly with your card, then it will be labled GUM CO* (VA Name).

How do you make your audiobooks?

We work with a team of voice actors to record the stories, and then they are edited using Adobe Audition where all the sound design is added, before being released onto gumroad.

Question not answered?

If we still haven't answered your question, send us an email ( or a message on twitter @SGAAudio and we will be happy to answer anything.

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