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SGA Interactives are 'choose your own adventure' books in glorious audiobook form! A combination of video game and audiobook to involve you in your wildest fantasies.

Products below compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux.

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A festive point and click adventure game where you solve puzzles and grow bigger! Find the 15 candy canes and outgrow your sister in this adorable growth game!

Big Candy Collectathon

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Join India for a fun giantess adventure, or an infinite number in fact! Every single story is randomly created, with alternate routes and endings there's loads of giantess fun to be had! Just how big will India grow? Who knows what’s possible? You’ll have to listen to it to find out!

A Random Giantess Adventure


Your girlfriend owns a pendant that allows her to grow herself! But, after a while of living as a giantess, the pendant seems to want her to grow more.


The second growth mini-visual novel made in collaboration with Dinner-kun!

The Pendant of Growth 2


Your girlfriend has brought a pendant at the store, but it seems to have a magical ability to let her grow herself!


Enjoy this delightful growth mini-visual novel with renders by Dinner-kun!

The Pendant of Growth


Faith has some pills that let her grow herself however she likes, and her partner Sarah seems interested too! How big will these two grow? There's only one way to find out!

Images by the incredible Cymic44!

Faith's Expansion Pills


Meet a girl who makes an interesting bet! If she wins, a part of her will grow bigger! Her breasts? Her butt? Her height? And, she's never ever lost at this game. Just how big is she gonna get?

Growth Gamble!


A girl plays growth roulette! Every time she rolls, a different feature of her body grows bigger! Could it be her breasts? Her muscles? Her butt? Or maybe she'll just get taller and taller! Who knows?! It's entirely random every time!

Growth Roulette


Explore the haunted mansion to find donuts to grow bigger! Solve it's spooky mysteries for a taste of sweet victory! Grow her breasts, butt, weight or height in this spooky interactive growth game!

Big Scavenger Hunt


Emmie Winters is exploring an Egyptian Tomb when she discovers a powerful artifact: Aribus's ring. The ring grants the wearer immense physical power, which Emmie must use to escape from the Tomb with her prize.

The Ring of Power


You are needed to test out a new growth machine, and the subject is all ready! Decide how she will grow in this interactive audiobook! You can make her taller, fatter, stronger, or just grow her breasts and butt! It’s entirely up to you!


Growth Machine


She needs your help to grow her!

Push the button to grow her, and keep her growing!


How big will you make her?

It’s all up to you!

Growth Button


Wanna arm wrestle with a strong girl? Well, she's not that strong to begin with, but she's able to steal your strength! How long can you last before she begins to dominate you? Why not play and find out! 

Strength Stealer

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A cooking simulator game where you cook to feed a very hungry growing girl! Watch as she grows out of her clothes and begins to fill up her room thanks to your cooking. Feed her and try to grow her as big as possible.

I'm a Hungry Girl


A girl gives us a solo growth show as she shows us her potion collection!


This story is randomised! This means that each time you listen, the story can occur in a different order.

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