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Explore the haunted mansion to find donuts to grow bigger! Solve it's spooky mysteries for a taste of sweet victory! Grow her breasts, butt, weight or height in this spooky interactive growth game!




Breast Expansion
Clothes Tearing
Butt Expansion
Hourglass Expansion
Belly Expansion

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Big Scavenger Hunt

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NSFW, Interactive, WeightGain, ButtExpansion, BreastExpansion, HeightGrowth, ClothesRipping, Cute, FirstPersonNarration




Love the puzzles. Consistent voice acting through-out, and loved the peppy tone. And for the growth, the sound effects and moans are top notch and really sell it for me.

For me, when it comes to weight gain, the word "fatter" is like honey to my ears (or eyes when reading). Not just growing bigger, but growing fatter? Yes please, love to see (and hear!) more of that language! Great job!



It's a very good game but I expect a little bit more from the game but not much more for the price . Other than that it's a beautiful well done game and me be a long time subscriber to sga channel keep up with your work please.

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