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Milly is your girlfriend, and she's finally solved the problem of a muscle growth serum and is ready to test it out. Join her as she grows her muscles to extreme sizes and keeps track of her strength along the way.




Strong Girls
Amazonian Girls
Clothes Tearing

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Milly's Strength Serum

NSFW, MuscleGrowth, HeightGrowth, Destruction, ClothesRipping, Girlfriend, SpeakingToYou, ThirdPersonNarration




Sound quality is excellent, both the voice actress and sound effect. Pacing is flawless, and the opening is quick, diving into the major scene with little irrelevant fluff. The premise is simple, albeit too simple, as the setting wasn’t all that interesting, lacking even a pinch of plot as it remains the “I ingest it because I want to go strong” trope.
However, the main issue I have with this and still is with many of SGA’s works, the writing, specifically the lacking of the show description of “show and tell” and limited choice of vocabulary. From the start of the growth till the end, it always the word huge, stronger, big and bigger. It didn’t describe the initial appearances, which is crucial to the listeners to have a starting imagination; nor did it describe the speed and end growth. From the words mentioned and sound effects, it’s obvious the character is growing, but no details of how fast and how much. All we know is, “I think that much, I think.”
If I’m to put a food analogy for this, it’ll be like having a high-quality pancake without butter and syrup. Tasted great initially, but it gets more bland with each bite.

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