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Max has been working out here for years, so when she meets a starry eyed girl who's looking for help starting, she helps her out, only to see her muscles grow and swell with each rep she does! Just how strong will this girl get?




Amazonian Girls

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Muscle Growth at the Gym

NSFW, MuscleGrowth, HeightGrowth, ThirdPersonNarration




The opening is long, and the story is weird. From the beginning, it established the girl look up to Max is an amateur, but in the middle she got magic power which one, break the story promise and two, doesn't make sense. Not to mean the magic isn't allowed but the interaction itself is pointless as she can do the workout by herself. Is like saying the amateur soccer player looks up to a pro for guidance, only to score so many goal effortless and then say I got magic shoes.

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