Amazonian Girls

When returning home from a 3 year university course, Ryan’s sister has turned a 180. She’s gone from being a plump and bossy teenager to a fit and pleasant adult, however with the help of some new growth protein, just how much stronger will she get?




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Stronger Sister

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SFW, MuscleGrowth, Destruction, ClothesRipping, Sister, ThirdPersonNarration, MaleCharacter




Really like the buildup and especially the Teasing and implied things. The ending is pretty good and leads into speculation of a followup



This is a combo with stronger sister 1 and 2. The first one, is mostly buildup- a warping 5 min and 30 sec of opening which is half of the entire story. The second is the main course. The voice work is great even though I personally don't like male voice play. I feel that stronger sister isn't worth much without the second one which is why I'm glad the first one only charged $2. I can definitely see significant improvement on the second over the first, but still being the earlier work, there trace of long drag between scenes.

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