Unstoppable Girls

Shae has taken some growth-enhancing powder and found that it works better than expected. Listen as she takes things to the next level and, after binging on junk food, grows far bigger and stronger than even she had imagined possible!




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Stronger Sister 2

NSFW, MuscleGrowth, GiantessGrowth, ClothesRipping, Eating, Sister, ThirdPersonNarration




I loved the stretching growth sequence near the middle!



I've found the Stronger Sister series to be really thrilling and engaging. Whilst I've never been a fan of such "overly sweet" voices, Juno manages to portray Shae as charming but with a nice undertone of mischievous and a hint of hunger in the exercise and growth sequences which is very impressive. The first part being a good introduction of characters but falls a bit at showing us what to exactly to expect from Shae until the very end but following straight onto the second part gives a really great scale of how much she is progressing with the cliffhanger being cruelly perfect leaving me in great anticipation of a third and, seemingly, final part.



This is a combo with stronger sister 1 and 2. The first one, is mostly buildup- a warping 5 min and 30 sec of opening which is half of the entire story. The second is the main course. The voice work is great even though I personally don't like male voice play. I feel that stronger sister isn't worth much without the second one which is why I'm glad the first one only charged $2. I can definitely see significant improvement on the second over the first, but still being the earlier work, there trace of long drag between scenes.

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